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Dead Drift, by A.J. Hill

Retired detective Jack Lunn discovers a body floating in the river when he goes fishing. The murder case is quickly closed but Jack has doubts about the lead officer (who just happens to be in a relationship with Jack’s ex wife). He is convinced that the police have the wrong man and is determined to […]

#MischiefAndMemories blog linky 43

Hello from #MischiefAndMemories Many thanks to all the bloggers who joined our blog linky last week but especially Louise for guest hosting with us! We are hoping to bring in some new blood this year so if you would be interested in guest hosting, please let me know! Mischief And Memories is all about your […]

#Project365 2022 week 4

Day 22: enjoying their new Cats Vs Pickles reversible toys (sent for review) Day 23: I can’t remember what meat tasted like 20 years ago but this range is so juicy and has great texture Day 24: Anya’s ancient Greece homework Day 25: latest vegan treat for my breakfast Day 26: Zach getting to grips […]

The Commandant’s Daughter, by Catherine Hokin

  1933 Hannelore sees the fanaticism of the Nazi regime as it sweeps to power. Her father ranks highly in the SS and she sees for herself the devastation within her beloved Germany. 1945: the war has ended and Hanni has reinvented herself to distance her life from that of her Nazi father. But his […]

Hangman’s End, by Michelle Kidd

TRIGGER WARNING: this book deals with a child murder A dismembered child’s body is discovered in a suitcase along the Thames and at the next low tide a skeleton is found. Could the two bodies be connected and is it the same killer? DI Jack MacIntosh and his team investigate the murders. Hangman’s End is […]