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Dead Drift, by A.J. Hill

Dead Drift book cover Retired detective Jack Lunn discovers a body floating in the river when he goes fishing. The murder case is quickly closed but Jack has doubts about the lead officer (who just happens to be in a relationship with Jack’s ex wife). He is convinced that the police have the wrong man and is determined to find out the truth for himself…
Dead Drift is the first book in a new series to feature Jack Lunn. He is a detective who was forced to retire on medical grounds but his mind works as fast as ever. Jack frequently quotes philosophers and wordsmiths, and even Yoda from Star Wars!
The murder victim is a cantankerous old lady who had disputes with family and others in the local community. Jack identifies several suspects but the officer in charge of the case just won’t listen to him. Luckily Jack has friends in the police force who take his concerns seriously and ensure a thorough investigation.
There are several personal strands to the plot as well. Jack is in a relationship with Sarah but she isn’t happy about his involvement in the cases especially as he drags her daughter into it. Meanwhile Jack’s ex lives with Geoff Cooke who is leading the murder investigation and sees Jack’s input as threatening.
Jack is trying to set up a fishing tackle business and this slows the pace of the book but adds a realism. He is a great lead character and has strong personal and professional relationships because he gets on with a whole range of people, except Cooke!
Dead Drift was a very enjoyable introduction to a new crime and police thriller series. I Iook forward to seeing what happens to Jack next (bit of a cliffhanger ending!)
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Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dead-Drift-gripping-thriller-Introducing-ebook/dp/B09PYXBQVM
Amazon US https://www.amazon.com/Dead-Drift-gripping-thriller-Introducing-ebook/dp/B09PYXBQVM
Dead Drift book blurb
Former Detective Inspector Jack Lunn is enjoying the quiet life.
Twenty years on from being medically retired from the job with Hampshire Police, he’s earned his quiet routine of long walks in the New Forest.
However, Jack’s peace is shattered when he discovers the body of a friend and local landowner while on a fishing trip.
Drawn into the investigation, he comes face to face with an old colleague, and the police investigation machine he thought he had left behind.
As family secrets are exposed and a reporter takes an interest, Jack and his partner’s eldest daughter Gemma, a former military intelligence officer set to work to uncover who killed his friend.
As the body count rises, can they both unravel the mystery before it’s too late, or will Jack’s life be sacrificed as just so much dead drift…?
author AJ Hill
Author Bio
Born in West London, the middle of three boys, Andy won a scholarship to Lord Wandsworth College. He represented the school at most sports and also played rugby for Hampshire at Under 18 level.
After university, working life began with H. M. Customs & Excise, mostly on Mobile Task Force Units and Rummage Crews out of Southampton. He then moved to the Police as a beat bobby in Dorset.
He now works in property and lives in the South Downs, West Sussex. Often found at crime writing festivals and an avid reader, Andy regularly files reviews with the renowned crime fiction eZine Shotsmag.
You can see Andy chatting about writing and Dead Drift with renowned crime writing interviewer, Jacky Gramosi Collins (Dr Noir) for Noir At The Bar – Edinburgh via the link below.
Follow him at:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whillandy
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/andy28dec/


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