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Was It Good For You? by Kathryn Freeman

Sophie uses spreadsheets to keep her life organised. From food to places to visit, from pedicure appointments to exercise. Even her lovelife has a spreadsheet as she tries to avoid any more disasterous relationships. But she accidentally sends a copy of her spreadsheet to all her contacts and some aren’t happy at the ratings… Was […]

Holiday 2023 day 1: Hailes Abbey, Witley Court, Stokesay Castle

We’ve just got back from holiday so it is time for me to start processing and appreciating the wonderful time we had! The first day was the only day I had actually planned out completely. We were traveling to Wales with the dogs who were staying at a kennel quite near to our holiday cottage. […]

The Nurse, by Valerie Keogh

Lissa has a terrible home life, neglected by her parents. But she accepts and copes with this until her school life is ruined by the arrival of a bully. She decides to free herslef from her misery by killing the bully but can she get away with it and what lessons will it teach her […]

The Rome Apartment, by Kerry Fisher

Beth’s husband announces he wants them to separate on the night after they drop off their daughter at university. He heads off to Paris leaving Beth to cope alone. She sees an advert for an apartment in Rome where she will be challenged to rediscover herself and prepare to face whatever the future holds… The […]

Coming Home to the Cottage by the Sea, by Rebecca Alexander

1942, land girl Nancy arrives on the island to help with the war effort. She meets injured airman Oliver but she has her own emotional scars to contend with. Present day, Libby returns to the island she grew up on. She is engulfed by memories, happy and sad, but also has to deal with the […]