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#Project365 2023 week 30

Holiday week in Wales so very tricky to choose just one photo per day! Day 204: the weather forecast wasn’t great and our first day was very wet! This pic is from our first stop at Hailes Abbey before we dropped off the dogs at their kennels and headed to our holiday cottage in Groes. […]

Mystery in the Highlands, by Lydia Travers

Female detectives Maud and Daisy have a new case as members of a choir start to turn up dead. All the deaths seem to be natural causes but, when the ladies receive an anonymous letter, they are convinced that there is a murderer on the loose… Mystery in the Highlands is the third book to […]

The Ration Book Baby, by Ellie Curzon

1940, Nurse Annie Russell finds a baby on her doorstep one night. She is keen to reunite the infant with its mother but who could it be? Her family resolve to care for the child until the mother can be found but there isn’t much time before social services will take the baby for adoption… […]

The Silent Friend, by Alison Stockham

Louise has just moved to a new flat when she meets her neighbour Isabelle whose husband is carted off by the police. The two women form a friendship but Louise is keeping secrets… The Silent Friend is a psychological thriller and domestic drama. Louise and Isabelle make friends as Louise supports Isabelle when Carl is […]

Love at First Site, by Phoebe MacLeod

Ella has a job she loves and is in a secret relationship with her colleague Lee. But her whole life falls apart one Monday morning when her boss tells her that Lee has been involved with shady dealings with another company. Now she is out of work and out of love, attempting to create a […]