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#Project365 2022 week 30

Day 206: holiday! This week’s photos are all of the kids enjoying time together. First up is Lydford Castle which was a five minute walk from our cottage. Day 207: a day out in Plymouth and finding out about the Mayflower Day 208: quite a bit of driving as we headed to Land’s End then […]

The Orphan’s Mother, by Marion Kummerow

A German mother’s terrible choice: to flee the approaching Soviets with her son who is ill or leave him to get the medical help he needs to live? Emma is a German woman living in Poland at the end of WW2. She abandons her home to save her children but Jacob falls ill on the […]

The Retreat, by Sarah Pearse

  An allegedly cursed island becomes the setting for unexplained deaths. One death could have been accidental but a second the following day seems unlikely to be coinicidental. DS Elin Warner tentatively returns to work but is she ready for this case…? The Retreat is the second book to feature Elin Warner but the first […]

Super Cute Little Babies toy review

*I was sent this toy for the purpose of this review. All photos and opinions are my own. The Super Cute Little Babies are cute and they’re super! There are four characters to collect (Sofi, Gabi, Sisi and Kala). Each is committed to saving the planet by raising awareness of humanity’s impact on the environment. […]

Liar Liar, by L. G. Davis

Tess and her husband Oliver are hiding a huge secret. But Tess is also convinced that he is having an affair and their life together is threatened from multiple angles… Liar Liar is a psychological thriller set in America. The majority of the book is written in the present day but there are chapters from […]