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Liar Liar, by L. G. Davis

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Tess and her husband Oliver are hiding a huge secret. But Tess is also convinced that he is having an affair and their life together is threatened from multiple angles…
Liar Liar is a psychological thriller set in America. The majority of the book is written in the present day but there are chapters from three years ago. This raises plenty of questions and tension as we await seeing how the two timelines merge.
The book is written from Tess’ first person perspective. Her actions are not always truthful and this raises doubts about her reliability. It was easy to relate to her hurt and horror at the thought of Oliver having an affair. However she has dangerous secrets and the couple rely on each other to prevent the truth coming out.
The prologue shows us a mysterious character entering the house and this sets the tone for the fear and dread that haunt the couple. Their son starts to mention a hooded man and they think they are being watched. This lurking foreboding is compounded by the past timeline which gives clues about the secrets Tess is hiding.
I enjoyed the plot twists and the gradual dripfeed of clues about the past and how it relates to the present day. Tess and Oliver’s relationship is obviously flawed but they both seem like good people despite their questionable actions. Their focus is on protecting their son which again endeared them to me.
Liar Liar is an entertaining thriller and I liked the main character even though I wasn’t sure if I could trust her.
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Liar Liar: An unbelievably gripping and heart-pounding psychological thriller
He promised to keep my secrets. He never told me his…
My husband and I are the dream couple: deeply in love, the envy of all our friends. He surprises me with roses and a beautiful diamond ring, and I prepare picnics for us to enjoy in the sunshine with our adorable son. It’s gestures like this that keep our romance alive.
But nobody knows how frightened I am at night. Oliver promised he’d keep me safe, but strange things have started to happen in my home.
My son is convinced that someone was in his room, watching him while he slept. And the white lantern on our porch has been smashed. One evening I could swear there’s a shadowy figure watching me through the window, lurking across the street. As I triple check that the doors are locked and kiss my son goodnight, I’m terrified that someone knows what happened before we moved here, and that soon everything I love will be taken away…
Then Oliver comes home with blood on his hands on the same night our neighbour, one of my closest friends, goes missing. And I realise I am not the only one hiding a terrible secret.
We are both lying. But when the truth finally comes to light, who will survive? And can I keep my son safe?
An absolutely addictive, twisty read that will have you sleeping with the light on. Anyone who loves Gone GirlThe Girl on the Train and Behind Closed Doors will be utterly gripped.
Amazon: https://geni.us/B09ZZMHV51social
Liz’s story began in a refugee camp in Angola, where she spent the first eight years of her life. After that, she spent some years in Namibia (her home country), South Africa, and Germany. She now lives in Vienna, Austria, with her husband and two children. Liz wrote her first full-length novel at eighteen and hid it in a box under her bed. Several others soon followed it. Her passion lies in writing edge-of-the-seat psychological thrillers that give readers the same rush they would get on a rollercoaster.
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