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Meat substitutes are NOT wrong for vegans

I have heard it a lot recently. ‘If you are a vegan then why are you eating sausages and burgers which replicate meat?’ Easy answer is: ‘I’m not’. I am trying to eat a meal with my family and not stand out as diffferent. I am trying to normalise vegan choices to encourage others to […]

Orange and lemon aquafaba cake (vegan and gluten free)

One of my favourite cakes before going vegan was a lemon cake with a sugar glaze crust. I saw it again in my recipe book and realised I hadn’t made it in over a year! I decided to tweak it to make it vegan and also include oranges as we had some looking forlorn in […]

Finding Veganuary tough? Keep going with these top tips!

Have you take the Veganuary pledge this year? I did last year and although I am proud of myself for making a positive change for myself and the planet, I did found it tough (and still hanker after cheese…) The first month was definitely the worst. I wasn’t sufficiently prepared and discovered that food labelling […]

Chickpea lentil dhal

Curry time again! I have had a bag of lentils in the cupboard and wanted to finish them up so tried something completely new: a dhal! I love chickpeas so added them too – have you tried my chickpea and spinach curry? –  then I had the bonus of aquafaba to bake with (cake recipe […]

December vegan favourites

  Chris and I had a date at Pizza Express in Winchester and I enjoyed gluten free vegan doughballs (I LOVE houmous!) and a tasty pizza although I’m not sure why it had just half a cherry tomato on it… Less exotic were the tinned goods I tried this month. Quick and easy meals and […]