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Simple air fryer potato wedges

I may be a little bit in love with my air fryer. I don’t think I have used my normal oven in weeks! My latest experiment was potato wedges and they were so good that Chris couldn’t believe I’d made them from scratch (especially as it only took 20 minutes!) Very simple ingredients although I […]

Sausage and vegetable traybake

There are some fab vegan and gluten free sausages available now so I was trying to think of something different to do with them! A traybake only uses one dish so less effort on the washing up: thumbs up from me! This recipe can be adapted to use up whatever veg you might have around. […]

5 top reasons to go vegan! And HOW to go vegan now!

November is World Vegan Month so I thought I would share some thoughts about my own vegan journey since January 2019. Why try veganism? You like animals Life is precious whatever the species. Humans have no right to control, breed and enslave other animals. We do have a responsibility to protect our world and its […]

Creamy vegan mushroom pasta sauce

I don’t know about you but I love cooking with wine as it feels very grown up! The combination of wine, cream and oil makes a deliciously golden sauce for pasta (or rice if you want). This creamy vegan mushroom pasta was one of my favourite pasta sauce recipes before I went vegan so I […]

Vegan lemon curd

Since going vegan, I have missed lemon curd so I decided to make my own! This vegan lemon curd recipe makes about 200g. Yellow food colouring can be used to make it appear more lemony. My brain struggled to understand the taste as it resembled apple sauce yet the flavour was lemon.   Ingredients: 100g […]