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Surviving my first holiday as a vegan

I was a little bit worried about how I would get on when we went away on holiday. Now I know Scotland is part of the UK, but I was concerned that I would struggle to find wheat free vegan food easily. We had purposely chosen to have a holiday cottage so that we could […]

July vegan favourites

Another month of veganism completed. Eating out was a major highlight of this month. I went to the Mill House near Odiham twice in a week as it was so good! This mushroom bourguinonne pie was spectacular especially the gluten free pastry combined with the flavours of the filling.   The gluten free vegan margharita […]

One pan veggie pasta

One thing that I have never tried before is cooking pasta IN the sauce. Time to try it! Actually I have become obsessed with this and made it several times a week over the last month. You can make this as simple or complicated as you want (I’ve even done it just with tinned tomatoes […]

June vegan favourites

So there it is, half the year gone and six months as a vegan completed! We have been out and about several times last month and have eaten out at some fab places. Fathers Day we tried out Ask Italian in Winchester and the food was superb. I can’t wait to go back! We returned […]

Vegan aquafaba meringues with a fruit compote

I have not made meringues many times in my life (maybe as many as 10 times if you include the topping for lemon meringue pie) but I have eaten hundreds! Unable to find vegan ones in the shop, I started experimenting with my own after previous successes with aquafaba which is the usually discarded liquid […]