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5 top reasons to go vegan! And HOW to go vegan now!

November is World Vegan Month so I thought I would share some thoughts about my own vegan journey since January 2019.

Why try veganism?
You like animals
Life is precious whatever the species. Humans have no right to control, breed and enslave other animals. We do have a responsibility to protect our world and its inhabitants.
You don’t like animals.
Yep, it might sound strange but this resonates with me. I have phobias about mulitple animals. I don’t hate animals, I just don’t want them near me whether alive or dead. To be fair, they probably don’t want to be near me either!
Farming animals for meat and dairy is catastrophic for our planet.
Personal health
Meat is high in fat and can lead to many lllnesses including heart disease and high blood pressure. Time to take care of yourself: It is ok to be selfish when it also benefits others!
Going vegan doesn’t have to be 100%. Every reduction makes a huge difference to you, animals and the planet.
Start small if you have to. One meal a week or one day a week to begin with.
I had been vegetarian for almost 20 years when I decided to go vegan. As a mother myself, I decided that the enforced pregnancy and subsequent separation of cows from their calves was not acceptable. The conditions of hen bred for their eggs and the treatment of non useful birds is horrific.
I have previously criticised sanctimonious vegans for epousing their superitority and I stand by my comments. Being a vegan does not make you a good person. However, it can make a very real difference in terms of future animals that will be saved through consumer power.
My children are not even vegetarian , let alone vegan. I can guide my children but not contol them. My job as a parent is to give them the information to make their own choices.
Recipe ideas: I have a several recipes on my blog that are usually quick and easy to make! Perfect for busy families and easy to adapt with seasoning and spices to suit every palate.

Vegan feta pasta
Vegan drop pancakes
Vegan roasted tofu
Vegan mushroom risotto
Vegan syrup sponge
and many more (take a look in the vegan or recipe categories in the sidebar…)


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