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So long, farewell to 2022

The end of 2022 has been totally pants. Christmas was almost cancelled completely following a tummy bug that went through us all from 14th December and has now been replaced with a cough/cold. Thankfully we were able to delay things by just a day but I was really upset not to feel festive or even […]

#Project365 2022 week 52

Day 359: a rather jaded Christmas Eve as the tummy bug continued. Presents wrapped though! Day 360: Christmas plans cancelled but we managed a photo together Day 361: Christmas reinstated and the sprouts were cooking! Day 362: a refreshing walk with family. Such a relief to finally leave the house 🙂   Day 363 and […]

The Librarian, by Stewart Giles

A murder seems awfully familiar to detective Jason Smith. And then another, and another. Someone is using past crimes to wage war on the Yorkshire police… The Librarian is the 20th book in the Jason Smith series. The murders in this book are all based on those in previous books and there are some spoilers […]

The South Binness Murders, by Pauline Rowson

A deserted boat with a puddle of blood. DI Horton believes there has been a murder but, with no body and very little evidence, the case is tricky. An art theft and forgery cause a second case to be launched. But when suspects start to disappear, Horton is concerned that he has two murder investigations […]

#Project365 2022 week 51

Day 353: it’s the weekend and officially the Christmas holidays! Zach is feeling better and we’re excited about the next couple of weeks. Dog aren’t that excited though… Day 354-356: scrap any enthusiasm. I started vomiting at 1am on Sunday and didn’t stop until 11pm Tuesday. No photos as I’m sure you wouldn’t have wanted […]