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Ouija, by Zoé-Lee O’ Farrell

A group of 6 teens decide to use a ouija board at the site of a school massacre. They unleash a powerful dark demon… Ouija is a horror novel centred around spirits, demons and possession. Let’s just say that I would never have gone near a ouija board even before reading this book! There is […]

#DreamTeam blog linky 25

Booooo half term is nearly over. Boo it’s nearly Halloween! How are you all?  Thank you for joining us for the #DreamTeam linky. We want bloggers and instagrammers to interact and support each other but please double check the rules. The #DreamTeam linky is open to bloggers and Instagrammers from all niches. It’s a fab […]

The Good Wife, by Ellery Kane

Cassie is a high flying lawyer while her former rockstar husband stays at home with their baby. Their marriage is rocked when he is accused of murdering a woman that may have been his mistress. Cassie defends him in court but is she fooling herself…? The Good Wife is a wonderful mix of psychological thriller, […]

The Girl With The Yellow Star, by Natalie Meg Evans

Farmer Gwenna takes in a German Jewish girl who managed to escape to Britain. Lotti’s mother died on the journey and her father has possibly been deported to a camp. The little girl is mute and scared but the situation intensifies when Gwenna is assigned Germn POWs to work on the farm… The Girl With […]

Hear Me Cry, by Eileen Wharton

TRIGGER WARNING: physical and emotional abuse, animal cruelty, miscarriage, severe mental health issues Katie is a literary agent looking for the next bestseller. But she has her own book to write about the notorious nun Heather the Commune Killer who has been writing to her. Katie also has her own issues from the past to […]