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February Food Challenge week 4: we’ve finished!

Hello March! That means that my February Food Challenge is over! 28 days of different meals to try to tempt the children into trying new flavours. Take a look at week one, week two and week three. So how did we get on this week? Day 22: chicken and vegetable pie and chips Day 23: […]

Wedding Wednesday: the history of wedding favours

Chris and I are getting our heads round the fact that if we are having a wedding we are going to do it properly. That includes all the things that we weren’t originally planning on such as a wedding cake and photographer. One thing that I thought we’d leave out were wedding favours. As far […]

Genius Chocolate Chip Breakfast Bakes

I am always on the look out for new wheat free vegetarian snacks so was excited to spot these in Tesco last week. Genius is a great brand and I love their products so couldn’t wait to try these biscuits. My first impression was disappointment though as there was a lot of packaging and the […]

#GlobalBlogging 49 winter’s not done with us yet!

Blimey it is cold here in the UK at the moment. I am keeping my fingers crossed for some proper snow this week as we haven’t had any decent snow in years and I am insanely jealous of everyone else’s pics over the past 2 months! Below is a photo of the best snow we […]

Happiness is…

Cuddle Fairy Becky has inspired me to think positively this week. She has a weekly positivity post on her blog as well as a Facebook group to encourage and inspire others. I do not think of myself as a naturally happy or positive person. In fact, I would describe myself as a disappointed optimist. I […]