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Arsenic at Ascot, by Kelly Oliver

Fiona is feeling bored and frustrated. She returned from her latest spy adventure in Italy and is now stuck doing paperwork. But then she is asked to investigate an anti-vivisectionist group of wealthy women so she dons a disguise and gets to work… Arsenic at Ascot is the fourth book in the Fiona Figg and […]

What Happened At The Abbey, by Isobel Blackthorn

TRIGGER WARNING: memories of spousal and child abuse Ingrid Barker runs away from her abusive husband and takes her daughter Susan to a remote area of Scotland to act as housekeeper for the McCleod family. But both parties are harbouring dangerous secrets… What Happened At The Abbey is a sinister mystery book with elements of […]

#Project365 2023 week 47

Day 323: remember the scene in Harry Potter where the Whomping Willow throws off all its leaves in one go in autumn? Well our trees out the front and back have done the same! Both were fully leaf-ed up, and hours later almost bare, Day 324: while I was cleaning out the hutches and shed, […]

Murder In A Country Village, by F.L. Everett

TRIGGER WARNING: domestic abuse Edie and Ethel go out for a walk in the hills but stumble across a body. They recognise the woman as Joyce Reid, an unpopular pacifist from the local area. The police think it was a terrible accident but Edie isn’t convinced and appeals to the police officer who helped her […]