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#Project365 2023 week 47

Day 323: remember the scene in Harry Potter where the Whomping Willow throws off all its leaves in one go in autumn? Well our trees out the front and back have done the same! Both were fully leaf-ed up, and hours later almost bare,

Day 324: while I was cleaning out the hutches and shed, some newspaper flew across the garden and the rabbits decided to pull it into their run and disintgrate it

Day 325: gorgeous autumnal colours as I walked across the park

Day 326: low bright sunshine on the afternoon school run

Day 327: I’m sure my kids will say this later in life when they reminisce about their childhoods! I have to plan everything as I got two new jobs this week!

Day 328: the boys have snazzy new collars


Day 329: community Christmas tree is up but I do feel sad that they’ve felt the need to fence it off due to damage last year

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  1. That’s a lovely sunny portrait shot. I love those light up colours for dogs. We always see lots running around outside the tennis courts when the kids have their lesson under floodlights. Congrats on the 2 new jobs. I don’t know how you fit them all in.

  2. It does feel like a lot of the trees shed their leaves all in one go like that this year, doesn’t it?! Planning is definitely part of the territory with juggling things as a mum! Good luck with your two new jobs. How sad that the Christmas tree needed to be fenced off. #project365

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