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#Project365 2019 week 16

Day 104: Matthew has rejected dinosaurs and is now back to his first love: trains! Zach loves being able to run trains on my dad’s track too. Day 105: a day of disasters 🙁 We went to Maidenhead. Zach was sick in the car. We went in Clarks and I discovered I’d left my purse […]

#Project365 week 15

Day 97: April showers haven’t fazed this little chap in our garden this week Day 98: Matthew has rediscovered his love of trains and is trying to encourage Zach to join him. Howebver, Zach is more interested in play food… Day 99: playing outside and being fascinated by a worm: this is what childhood is […]

#Project365 2019 week 13

Day 83: we had a family get together and the house was a close to spotless as is possible. This was the scene 20 minutes after our guests left. Thanks Zach… Day 84: blowing dandelions on the school run Day 85: I was supposed to be working but Zach thought his work was more important. […]

#Project365 2019 week 12

Day 76: a fun night out at Lush’s Spring Party and an early Mother’s Day treat for my mum and Anya   Day 77: more early Mother’s Day actvities: cooking over a campfire at Beavers   Day 78: even more time with Anya as I joined her class trip to the common Day 79: Matthew […]

#Project365 week 11

Day69: an early Mother’s Day meal at ERIKI near Heathrow. My vegan, wheat free thali was delicious! Day 70: Anya was thrilled to bring home Billy the Beaver for the week. I was slightly less happy… Day 71: thoroughly fed up with the wet weather Day 72: lunch with a friend was finished off with […]