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#Project365 2023 week 5

Day 28: starting the work for Zach’s Beavers cooking badge with some jam tarts Day 29: and more baking as Anya has to make some bread for her homework Day 30: Monday night vibes Day 31:obviously this should say chips or crisps for me Day 32: new month so new toenail colour Day 33: heart […]

#Project365 2023 week 4

Day 21: exploring the local area again with a visit to Yateley Common. Plenty of ice! Day 22: a shopping date with Anya Day 23: a disastrous lunch date at the restaurant where we had our first date. My first plate wasn’t vegan and its replacement wasn’t gluten free. Really concerned about their allergy knowledge […]

#Project365 2023 week 3

Day 14: new toys for the puppies. Some only lasted a few minutes 🙁 Day 15: an adventure looking for Castle Bottom, a local nature reserve, Anya boldly leading the way Day 16: apparently it was Blue Monday but this Duolingo phrase made me smile about work 🙂   Day 17: very cold! -6 at […]

#Project365 2023 week 2

Day 7: our delayed new year visit to Chris’ mum at last. It was the dogs’ first trip to her house and they had great fun exploring the house and garden Day 8: Mum taught Anya how to do suduku Day 9: the new week seemed to come around very quickly! There were dozens of […]

#Project365 2023 week 1

Not a full week as I usually write my posts starting on Saturday and this year began on Sunday. Sorry for the overload of pictures of me this week! Day 1: spellbound by the fireworks as we welcomed 2023. Day 2: mood for everyone! So tired after staying up late plus needing an early night […]