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#Project365 week 17: end of the Easter holidays and back to work/school!

Day 111: Easter Sunday and a trip to Basing House to enjoy a Civil War reenactment with my parents


Day 112: final day of the holidays and a vegan roast dinner with potaties served in 3 ways due to awkward kid palates! My first attempt at a cheese sauce using nutritional yeast was quite successful

Day 113: back to school (and work for me). Anya had to take in the Tudor house she made over the holidays ready for burning in the Great Fire of London later in the week


Day 114: loving the apple blossom in our garden
Day 115: first time I have ever seen vacuum packed wool! It plumped up really well so it’s a good way of posting!

Day 116: Friday at last and time to break open my vegan Easter eggs at last 🙂

Day 117: Zach wide eyed in amusement at himself in my nightie. Plus I’ve had a hair cut


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  1. I love the look of your roast dinner. My two are fussy when it comes to potatoes too. Eesh!
    That looks like a great Tudor house from Anya. The vacuumed packed wool is such a great idea x

  2. The Tudor house looks great, shame to burn it. Will the school actually burn it though? My mum vacuum packs everything when she visits us, she seems to think that the smaller it is the lighter it will become

    • Laura

      they DO actually burn them! I have vacuum packed clothes from before Matt was born so goodness knows what they’ll be like!

  3. Lol @ Zach in your nightie. Love the first photo of your kids among the old stone ruins.
    Lovely Tudor house! (And you can see it’s done by a child. Our school showcased the Yr 5 projects for the Tudor theme recently, and most of the projects were clearly done by the parents).

    • Laura

      We had a letter reminding us that the kids are suppposed to do the homework not the parents (in Year R a lot was done by zealous dads…)

  4. It’s lovely to see what creations our little ones come up with. I had hoped partially that we may have to do Easter bonnets for preschool but they didn’t bother.

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