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#Project366 2020 week 35

Day 236: Anya has become obsessed with the Cutetitos that we received to review. They have been her constant companions! Day 237: feeding the birds Day 238: I completed the Couch to 5k (am behind on my weekly posts!) Day 239: photo time! I wasn’t sure what would be happening with school photos this year […]

Beyond the Horizon, by Ella Carey

  Eva Scott is desperate to be a pilot during WW2 and undertakes a tough training course before being sent to support the military. In the 1970s, Eva battles with a Congress committee to fight to get the WASPs recognised for their valour and skill. The character of Eva in Beyond the Horizon is completely […]

Vegan Thai curry with tofu and chickpeas

Thai curries are one of my favourite meals and have been for years! Quick and easy to make but packed full of flavour whilst also being vegan and gluten free. They are usually very liquid to soak into the rice. Ingredients 1 onion 1 pepper 396g pack tofu, drained 400g can of chickpeas, drained (keep […]

Two Widows, by Laura Wolfe

  Gloria Flass is looking for some extra income following the death of her beloved husband Charlie. She rents out part of her land to travel writer Beth who then reveals that she too is a widow. But strange things are happening in town and at Gloria’s: the murdered body of a young woman is […]

Granny Franny’s Big Red Bus, by Sonia Beldom

There is something special about a red bus. The history, the sound, the potential for travel wherever. Sonia Beldom’s new book for children captures the fun and excitement that the sight of a big red bus still inspires in me as an adult!   Granny Franny’s Big Red Bus is the story of a grandmother […]