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#StayClassyMama 93

Hello and welcome to the #StayClassyMama linky. Last link up of July: 2020 does seem to be moving quickly, maybe anxious to get it over and forgotten… I hope you are all still staying healthy and safe! Thank you for joining us as we try to maintain some normality during this strange year! I am […]

My Mother’s Choice, by Ali Mercer

  All Dani has to remember her mother is a photo. She lives with her aunt and occasionally sees her dad Jon. She is 14 and has so many questions about her mother’s life and death but no one wants to talk about it. Is it the grief or is there a secret…? Dani discovers […]

Pick Your Own at Grays Farm, Wokingham

We can cross off the first thing from our summer bucket list! This week we visited Grays Farm in Wokingham to pick our own fruit and veg. We have never been to a pick your own venue before so I really had no idea what to expect! I began by popping into the shop to […]

Cicely’s King Richard, by Sandra Heath Wilson

Cicely Plantagenet, daughter of the recently deceased Edward IV and sister to the new boy king Edward V, is hiding away in sanctuary with her mother and sisters. The Wars of the Roses have been simmering away for almost 30 years and England needs a strong king to unite the country. Richard, Duke of Gloucester […]

#GlobalBlogging 173

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to #GlobalBlogging! It’s now the summer holidays in the UK! Not much different from the last 4 months at home but, as you’ll see in my host post, I want to make the most of the time before schools finally restarts. Please encourage your friends to join us by sharing […]