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Pick Your Own at Grays Farm, Wokingham

We can cross off the first thing from our summer bucket list! This week we visited Grays Farm in Wokingham to pick our own fruit and veg. We have never been to a pick your own venue before so I really had no idea what to expect! I began by popping into the shop to check in and buy a basket. Then we headed to the field and decided which direction to head first.

We began with carrots and I think the kids loved finding them in the ground.

Next we collected some runner beans (Ollie has eaten all the bean plants in our garden so we hadn’t had a chance to pick any yet this year 🙁 )


My kids have eaten their own body weight in raspberries from our garden and my parents’ so it took a lot of effort to get them in the punnet and not in their mouths!

Halfway through searching for ripe strawberries, Zach announced he needed the toilet. We were over on the far side of the field so I marched back to the main building.

Of course, as soon as we got there, Zach declined to go! Could I find everyone else again? Nope, not until after a series of frantic phone calls and searching amongst the produce. Zach was upset to be lost and ran towards them when we finally located them.

Overall, we all loved our first trip to a P.Y.O farm and will definitely visit again. There was plenty of room for social distancing although the shop area and car park were crowded when we left.


  1. My eldest son would love visiting a pick your own. He’s absolutely beside himself at the moment because the alley behind our house is filled with blackberries. He’s patiently waiting for them to ripen! My youngest son would be terrible though as he’d eat it all and we’d have nothing to take home!!

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