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July 2020: month in review

Goodbye to July, the end of the school term (such as it was!) and the beginning of the summer holidays.

Family: more lockdown easing has allowed us inside my parents’ home and the children have also slept over. Matthew is fully into trainsets again (inspired by my dad) and we have spent time together making buildings and painting people for his layout.
Anya and Zach are obsessed with the Wii plus Anya and I had a pamper afternoon at home. Finally we were able to all get hair cuts this week!

Work: the last weeks of term were a little frantic with finalising re-opening plans for September
Days out: we spent the morning at Grays Farm near Wokingham. Plenty of sunshine and fresh air, and our first experience of PYO.

Reviews: At the start of July I had no idea what wax melts were! But thanks to Teddy Eva Scents, I am now a convert! And you can get 10% off a subscription box with code LOOPY10.
Harry Potter Magical Capsules are a cute new collectable, perfect for fans like me!

Food: apple turnovers, a memory from my childhood recreated to be vegan and gluten free.
Solving the Sunday roast dilemma with roasted tofu that can be easily adapted by changing the spice mix.


Books: mega busy eyeballs this month!



  1. Wow you have been busy! And the haircuts, I hear you on this one. I went for a haircut last week myself and it felt amazing! Hopefully you will have good weather for August and can enjoy the rest of the summer holidays before school starts again! #globalblogging

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