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#Project52 2024 week 16

Second week of the Easter holidays has been one of celebrations. My teeny baby has turned 8! Zach is growing up so quickly and it breaks my heart as well as making me so proud of all he achieves. My nephew’s birthday too and we are spending time together this weekend. Our final celebration was a sadder one as we said a final goodbye to Nancy, Uncle Roy’s beloved wife. Funerals are such a strange mix of love and grief, a reminder of wonderful memories and to cherish our loved ones.

We have finally arranged to have our shower replaced, woohoo! Chris got an electric shock off ours years ago and we haven’t touched it since. Neither electricians nor plumbers would go anywhere near it so I bit the bullet this week and decided to just replace the whole thing. The kids can’t wait for it to be fitted next week! We also need new sofas as ours are on their last legs. So many options though…!

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  1. Happy belated birthday to Zach! I hope he had a great day. So sorry about your Uncle Roy’s wife.
    That is good that you are getting your shower replaced and how exciting about the new sofa’s. x

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