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#StayClassyMama 104

Hello and welcome to the #StayClassyMama linky. I am absolutely thrilled and honoured to have been added as a host for this fab linky and look forward to seeing what you link up this week! I hope you are enjoying the half term holidays: I am also enjoying a week off work! My favourite post […]

Should children attend funerals?

Last week we unfortunately had to attend a funeral. I won’t go into details but it was to celebrate the life of a wonderful 93 year old who was the last link with my paternal grandparents: family through love not blood. Sadly we have had many funerals over the last 8 years. Matthew attended his […]

Wedding Wednesday: beyond the veil

Since the royal wedding I have had to research wedding veils as Anya was devastated when she found out I wouldn’t have one. Cue frantic searching for something that will fit in with our low-key wedding but also be flash enough to impress a 5 year old. Most are one of two layers or tiers. […]

To the boy refusing to work in his exam…

Dear Boy You have been sitting there for an hour and a half and all you have done is write your name. You haven’t even tried to look at the questions. Thankfully you just sit there and don’t disturb the other candidates. I can’t even begin to understand what is going through your mind. You […]

#GlobalBlogging 62 half term and birthdays

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to Global Blogging. We have been basking in sunshine and also enjoying thunderstorms! This week is half term as well as mine and Matthew’s birthdays so my host post this week is a look back to the bucket list I made last year (oops, not much done…) I am very […]