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Our day in Chawton part one: Jane Austen’s House

I have long been a fan of Jane Austen’s novels and remember my grandparents visiting her home three decades ago and bringing me a gift. The Hampshire sign near our home say ‘Jane Austen country’ but it was only last week that we finally visited her former home ourselves. We also went to St Nicholas […]

Murder in the Village, by Lisa Cutts

Belinda Penshurst finds her peaceful village life upended when she spots a familiar face. She realises the man is a former police officer and once arrested her! Then she discovers the pub landlord murdered. Can Belinda and Harry work together to solve the crime…? Murder in the Village is the first book in a new […]

Murder at the Manor, by Anne Penketh

Birthday boy Rupert Iverson is found dead in the swimming pool after his lavish party. The police assume a party guest is responsible but the victim’s father insists that local politics provides an alternative motive. This seems more likely as another body is discovered on the beach… Murder at the Manor is the fourth book […]

#Project365 2021 week 34

Day 234: what better way to end Sunday lunch than with a crumble using blackberries the children picked in our garden. Also a bit of a miracle that any survived the sword assaults from Matthew over the last few months 🙂 Day 235: the cygnets are huge! We were a bit traumatised as one of […]

The Girl in the Picture, by Melissa Wiesner

Jack and Tegan are on separate road trips when destiny throws them together. Both are harbouring tragic secrets but unwilling to reveal their heartbreak to each other. Can they learn to trust each other and heal their hearts…? The Girl in the PIcture is a very emotional book about love, loss and grief. Jack and […]