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Wordsearch Junior game review

Entertaining the kids whilst also home learning can be tricky. We were excited to be sent this Wordsearch Junior game to review. Wordsearch Junior is actually aimed at children aged 5 and over, but as Zach can read and is almost 4, I decided to let him play. I would suggest that this game works […]

Easter fun with Yolkies

Toy surprises, edible slime, could anything be more perfect for kids? Add in Easter and the current lockdown… introducing Yolkies from Bandai! I was absolutely thrilled to receive this Easter hamper including chocolate treats, an Easter bonnet and Yolkies! Plus the wicker hamper is AMAZING! The toy characters are cute, food themed and there are […]

British Science Week fun with Learning Resources UK

Curiosity and wonder at the world are two crucial elements to childhood. Developing an understanding and respect for our planet and its amazing resources is such an important message to convey. Oh and a love of slime! Children learn best when they are engaged and having fun. We were kindly sent some science sets from […]

Uni-que fun with UniVerse collectable unicorn surprises

Unicorns are a firm favourite with Anya so she was beyond excited to discover the contents of the UniVerse surprise toys. I managed to hide the packaging from her so she had no idea that unicorns were involved! Each packet contains a cloud with a cute face. You plunge it into warm water and the […]

Good clean fun with Funatic Foam

One of the most exciting times ino our house is when I allow the children to have bubble bath. Matthew pretends to be very grown up but even he can’t resist the allure of bubbles… Funatic Foam is a new product designed to make bathtime fun as well as functional. The recyclable metal canister has […]