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toy reviews

Dough Nab: a game good enough to eat

Sadly these are not real doughnuts but Zach was adamant they were! Instead they are the pieces in a fast paced grab game Dough Nab, and, after a few rounds of nabbing action, you are grateful they aren’t real as they woud not be looking their best! Dough Nab contains 3 plastic doughnuts and a […]

Slap Ninja: how quick are your reflexes?

Will you discover you are a master or still a student? New game Slap Ninja will tell you! Hone your ninja fast reflexes against your opponent: the master (and his giant hand) are worked using a trigger mechanism and he needs to slap away the hand of the student trying to touch his red coin […]

Juno, My Baby Elephant

Well, I think the prize for the cutest toy of the year will go to this one! Meet Juno, My Baby Elephant! Anya was a little dwarfed by the box; well, it is an elephant! When you first remove Juno from the box, put batteries in straightaway! These are not provided and we tried to […]

So Magic: Magic Terrarium

Who remembers the crystal growing kits from their childhood? We had one and I can recall the excitement even now (at the grand old age of 38) of watching it grow. Now the concept has been modernised to increase the playability and child’s involvement. The So Magic: Magic Terrarium contains everything your child needs to […]

Foodie Roos: sweet smelling and super cute!

So cute you could eat them. But don’t…! The latest toy to hit the shelves are Foodie Roos. They come in packaging with labelling which is reminiscent of food packets. The big baby eyes peeking through the window allows you to see which you have got, making duplication less likely.   Open the tub to […]