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Foam Alive! toy review

We were kindly sent the Foam Alive Double Flip Pack containing two colours of foam (Purple Pulse and Lava Lime) to try out over the Christmas holidays. The colours are bright and vibrant, suitable for boys and girls. The hourglass container allows the Foam Alive to react naturally to gravity. It also fluffs up as […]

Imaginative and creative play with WannaBees

The school holidays are upon us and, rather than screentime, I wanted to set them off with some imaginative play. I was kindly sent the WannaBees Cafe Owner pack which gives children everything they need to create their own cafe (except the food and drink!) The pack contains posters for opening hours, open and closed […]

Family time with Frozen 2, Disney and Wasgij puzzles and games

Having rekindled my love of puzzles last month, I have inspired Anya to join me! Technically, I am not thrilled about this as her ‘help’ is often anything but, however the excitement on her face at being allowed to join in is priceless.   Jumbo Games sent another bundle of puzzles and games over to […]