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Pull My Finger: game review

Pull My Finger is absolutely hilarious. All 5 of us laughed like drains at the farting action of this purple monkey. The bottom is surprisingly soft, made of silicone or rubber and reminds me of a baby’s bum! The game also come with a spare: this is brilliant and shows the manufacturors know you will […]

Belly Bashimi game review

  Become the sumo champion with Belly Bashimi! Use the inflatable tum to bash your opponent out of the ring.   The game comes with 2 inflatable bellies with velcro straps, a contest ring, sushi counters and a spinner. The game works best with players of a similar height so that the bellies bounce against […]

Rubiks: stocking fillers and family fun!

The Rubiks Cube is an iconic game from my childhood. This Christmas, a third of parents surveyed have said that Rubiks makes a perfect stocking filler and I agree! Let’s begin with the original and classic 3 x 3 cube. Infuriatingly fascinating for children and adults alike! Who thinks the 2 x 2 cube will […]

World Series Stare Off Official Game

Hands up who has staring competitions with their kids… Hope it isn’t just me! Stare Off takes the game to a new level with rules and extra distractions to make it much more fun and interactive than usual. The games consists of two headbands with are linked together by a pole that gets shorter after […]