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Harry Potter Magical Capsules

I think I would count myself as a pretty mega Harry Potter fan so was delighted at the release of a new collectable: Harry Potter Magical Capsules. I remember the excitement of queuing at midnight for the final book and my adoration has not abandoned Harry in the meantime! The detail on the crested box […]

Angry Birds Hopper review and competition

Hoppers were something I always wanted as a child but never had one. I have seen them used at most sports day but now, finally I own one. Oh… I mean the kids have one! Not me… We enjoy Angry Birds Star Wars so this is a brand we know and love. The Angry Birds […]

SuperZings heroes and villains battle it out!

  The SuperZings are back with season 5 of heroes and villains! We were kindly sent a bundle of SuperZings toys to review. The characters have a range of vehicles and the villains are causing havoc with fire attacks and bank heists. The smallest blind bag contains one SuperZing: will you get a hero or […]

Fun with SpinMaster Toys: Kinetic Sand, Meccano and more!

Spinmaster makes some of out favourite toys so we were delighted to be sent a Kinetic Sand rainbow set and Meccano dinosaur set. Kinetic Sand is one fo Zach’s favourite toys EVER! We have several sets at home but this set encourages children to mix colours together to create a rainbow effect.   We enjoyed […]

Candylocks Dolls and Pets

The super cute and sweet smelling Candylocks dolls have been joined by the Candylocks Pets! Available individually or in a twin pack with a doll, the pets have the same scent and hair features as the dolls. The individual pet packs come in a pet bed with collector guide, a hair accessory and instructions for […]