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Sheep Dip card game review

*We were sent this game for the purpose of this review

Sheep Dip is a fun new card game aimed at children aged 7 and over.

The contents includes flock cards with different sheep on them (different breeds, names and values), a double sided play board with information on the sheep breeds on the reverse, Ewe Do cards and instructions.
I liked that there are 4 copies of the instructions so multiple people can use them at once and in case one gets lost.
I loved the sheep illustrations on the cards: so cute!

The aim of the game is to collect sheep with high value and keep them in your flock, protecting them from the wolf and being stolen by your opponents. There are even sheepdogs among the flock to help protect them!

The game is quick and easy to set up. Each player starts with 5 cards from the shuffled flock pack. You take a Ewe Do card and complete the instruction on the card (swap cards from the flock pack, take cards from opponents etc).
You can protect your flock when you have enough of the breed. 5 cards of the same breed are needed. However, although using a wild card can help you achieve this ‘fold’ which is protected from other players and wolves).
When you have worked your way through the whole pack of Ewe Do cards (which takes less than 30 minutes) then you add up the value on the cards in your flock, including folds, and the highest number wins.
Sheep Dip is available on its website for £23.50 which includes postage. The box is compact which will make it easy to deliver in the first instance and then transport on holiday etc.
The game is aimed at children aged 7 and up. Zach is 7 and was easily able to understand the concept of the game. I think any game that raises awareness of animals is brilliant and this game will definitely be enjoyed time and again.


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