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Pull My Finger: game review

Pull My Finger is absolutely hilarious. All 5 of us laughed like drains at the farting action of this purple monkey. The bottom is surprisingly soft, made of silicone or rubber and reminds me of a baby’s bum! The game also come with a spare: this is brilliant and shows the manufacturors know you will […]

Belly Bashimi game review

  Become the sumo champion with Belly Bashimi! Use the inflatable tum to bash your opponent out of the ring.   The game comes with 2 inflatable bellies with velcro straps, a contest ring, sushi counters and a spinner. The game works best with players of a similar height so that the bellies bounce against […]

Rubiks: stocking fillers and family fun!

The Rubiks Cube is an iconic game from my childhood. This Christmas, a third of parents surveyed have said that Rubiks makes a perfect stocking filler and I agree! Let’s begin with the original and classic 3 x 3 cube. Infuriatingly fascinating for children and adults alike! Who thinks the 2 x 2 cube will […]

World Series Stare Off Official Game

Hands up who has staring competitions with their kids… Hope it isn’t just me! Stare Off takes the game to a new level with rules and extra distractions to make it much more fun and interactive than usual. The games consists of two headbands with are linked together by a pole that gets shorter after […]

Hatchimals Royal Snowball 12 pack jewellery box

Have you been following the Hatchimals week of WOW? If not, check it out now and see all of the fabulous toys ready for Christmas! There are Hatchimals prizes available every day over on Twitter and a big Twitter party hosted by Spinmaster Toys UK on Saturday 9th November at 6pm: I hope you join […]