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Puffin Rush game review

*We were sent this game for the purpose of this review

Puffin Rush game box
Puffin Rush is a card game suitable for ages 5+ and for up to 4 players at time. The instructions are easy to understand and the game is quick to set up.
Puffin Rush contents
Each player chooses a puffin and associated ice rink. You can place the rink anywhere along your side of the board and then the aim is to catch a fish and find your burrow. Beware of the blizzard card which makes you turn all the cards back over and rely on your memory!
Zach loved this game as he was super lucky getting extra turns or flipping cards to keep him safe. He found his burrow but hadn’t yet caught a fish so the game continued. I repeatedly missed a turn, got stuck in a snow drift or sent back to the start! No surprise, Zach won!

Puffin Rush gameplay

Puffin Rush is a fun family game. I liked the arctic animal theme and the illustrations are sweet. The cards are good quality so I think it will survive many years of play.
Puffin Rush has an RRP of £9.95 and is available via the Foul Play Games website.

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