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Jurassic World Dominion review

Last weekend we went to see Jurassic World Dominion. It is the sixth film in the franchise and concludes the plot and character arcs. The film begins four years after the events at Lockwood House and the release of dinosaurs into the wild. Dinosaurs are now at risk from poachers and other forms of exploitation. […]

Advice for exams: what to do if your teen feels ill

After our disasterous half term with the children’s tummy bug, it’s been back to exams this week and loads of the students are feeling poorly. We have got through boxes and boxes of tissues this week as hayfever and summer colds seems to have gripped Year 11. There have also been other medical emergencies including […]

Happy and glorious: Platinum Jubilee

Congratulations on your Platinum Jubilee, Your Majesty! Queen Elizabeth II is the only monarch most of us have ever known and I am delighted that our country is able to have this celebration. Why should we celebrate? 70 years is an incredible achievement. The Queen came to the throne in February 1952 and has worked […]

Top tips for surviving a tummy bug!

Tummy bugs are not just a winter problem, as my family found out this week! Did you know that vomiting usually stops after 2 days but diarrhoea can last a week? If either lasts longer, then seek medical advice! The main danger to health comes from dehydration and those most at risk are the young […]

Mental Health Awareness Week 9th-15th May

Mental Health is a topic extremely close to my heart right now. I am struggling. Last week I started taking anti anxiety medicine as I can no longer cope with the symptoms of anxiety. Well actually that isn’t quite true. My children were upset and scared at my daily vomiting. It was starting to prevent […]