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5 reasons why this lockdown feels tougher than last time

Last March, I waltzed into lockdown like it would be our saviour and covid would soon be forgotten. Now almost a year on, we have been home for 2 months and have a roadmap back to some semblance of normality but with the admission that lives will be sacrificed. This lockdown in 2021 has felt […]

Wear a mask, keep your distance and stop whinging

There are over 100,000 dead in the UK. Each one a life, loved, valued, mourned. I am getting so wound up by the covidiots who refuse to wear a mask or who flout the rules on social distancing. There are genuine reasons why a mask is not appropriate but an infringement of human rights is […]

Testing, testing! The fun of asymptomatic tests

I am not a squeamish person. Being a former dental nurse, having given birth three times, having had plenty of jabs and blood tests for my allergies, I am kind of weird and love medical experiences. However, the nerves before taking my first asymptomatic covid test were surprising for me! I wasn’t looking forward to […]

5 reasons why we still love Joe Wicks and his workouts

Joe Wicks continues to inspire and entertain us as a family. We have continued his workouts, repeating the ones from the original lockdown. We have also done his Wake Up With Joe workouts from before Christmas as well as catching up on old ones from before he was a national treasure. We usually catch up […]

December 2020: a month in review

2020 seems like a very long time ago as January has been pretty crazy so far! Family: we went on a walk to admire the local Christmas lights for my dad and Chris’ birthdays in the middle of the month. We made a Christmas bubble with Mum and Dad so spent the big day with […]