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Job interview tips!

Soooo, I have a job interview in the morning. It has been four years since my last interview and if I’m entirely honest I don’t need the job so I’m not stressing too much. However, I am still preparing for it and thought I would share my top tips! Think about your appearance. First impressions […]

Why teens need parental love more than ever

Newborn days are hard. Terrible twos are tough. Primary school is difficult. Teenagers are a whiole other parental minefield. I have been invigilating exams this week and last, and have been reminding myself of how awful I found my own teenage years. the nightmare of friendships, the hormones, the self doubt and even hatred. My […]

Nine Perfect Strangers series review

I recently listened to the audiobook of Nine Perfect Strangers so have now decided to compare with the show which I have now caught up on. There are some big actors in this series! Nicole Kidman and Melissa McCarthy are the main stars and lead characters. Nicole plays Masha who owns the retreat and Melissa […]

Covid strikes again 2023!

Eighteen months since my last brush with covid, and it has been back with a vengeance! Anya had it a second time earlier this year but the rest of us escaped it (immunity is WEIRD!) This time it began with Matthew feeling distinctly under the weather but we were surprised when he tested positive as […]

Should mobile phones be banned in schools?

The Education Secretary announced last week that mobile phones should be banned in schools. I have such mixed opinions on this! Anya received a phone for her 11th birthday and I have just requested permission for her to take the phone to school. It will be handed in and kept at the office each day […]