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October 2020 month in review

Once again the month is getting away from me! Here is my look back at October 🙂 Family: the children are now well settled back into the school routine and Zach had a fab report at parents’ evening as well as going to his first solo play date. I finished what I hope will be […]

Couch to 5k week 9

Somehow I made it through 24 runs (actually 27 as I did an extra week) and just 3 to go. Being totally honest I have amazed myself. The gawky teenager who deliberately faked an asthma attack every cross country, who hated all PE lessons would be shocked to discover 25 years on that she can […]

Feed the children so the parents can feed themselves

I am shocked and angry at the arrogant selfish people in Parliament who this week voted AGAINST feeding vulnerable children. Thankfully the communities around the nation are pulling together to donate to food banks and provide hot meals for the children who need them. The usual rhetoric of not having children if you can’t afford […]

Couch to 5k week 8

Week 8 run 1: I’d had an extra 2 days rest as we went away for our anniversary so I felt more rested and ready to push myself. My knees and ankle felt fine but my lungs struggled again, probably as I increased my speed again. I managed the 28 minute run reasonably easily and […]

September 2020 month in review

Oh dear, we are two thirds through October and I haven’t got around to my September round up! This month is whizzing by so last month feels like a verrrrrry long time ago! Family: back to school at last! Matthew is now in Year 6, Anya has moved up to the juniors and Year 3 […]