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So long, farewell to 2022

The end of 2022 has been totally pants. Christmas was almost cancelled completely following a tummy bug that went through us all from 14th December and has now been replaced with a cough/cold. Thankfully we were able to delay things by just a day but I was really upset not to feel festive or even […]

From hero to zero: the unpopular Duolingo update

Last month I finished my Duolingo Italian course. I LOVED it. I would happily have recommended the app to everyone. The course became increasingly hard which was a challenge but an enjoyable one. I was absolutely delighted with my sense of achievement and the working of the app. Next day, the app offered me the […]

A celebration becomes a memorial

Earlier this year, my children received the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee medal and I wanted my own! I signed up for two exercise related medal challenges to celebrate the Queen’s achievement and honour her long reign. Now of course, both medals have just arrived and are a memorial to her life and service which I will […]

5 considerations before getting a puppy

We are the happy and proud family of two cockapoos, Wurzel and Chas (nearly 5 months old and they have been with us for almost 6 weeks). It has been a steep learning curve for us even though we are experienced pet owners. I believe there are 5 things to consider before making the decision […]

God Save The King!

What an incredible few days. The thing we dreaded yet was inevitable has come to pass with the death of our beloved Queen Elizabeth II. I was in shock on Thursday evening. No tears were shed until Liz Truss finished her speech with God Save The King. And in that one phrase, I realised how […]