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My first direct experience of Year 2 SATs

The last two weeks have been a bit odd for me. Zach has been taking his Year 2 SATs. My eldest has done them but I have not had direct knowledge of how they are tested. I have been an exam invigilator for GCSEs and A Levels for the last 8 years so it felt […]

The Twelve TV show review

One murder suspect. Twelve jurors with secrets of their own… Set in Australia, Kate is on trial for the murder of her niece whose body has never been recovered. Kate is an artist with a fixation on death, but does this mean she would kill her own flesh and blood for artistic purposes? Kate’s sister […]

An allergy aware lunch date at Hungry Horse, Hawley

After the disaster that was January’s meal out, I was a little concerned about eating out again. I needn’t have worried! (Sorry for the delay in posting about my February meal!) The Hungry Horse in Hawley (on the way from Blackwater to Farnborough) was totally allergy aware allowing me to heave a huge sigh of […]

Thinking of getting a guinea pig?

Thinking of getting a guinea pig? We are! Firstly, you can’t get just one guinea pig. They need to live in pairs at least, usually two boys or two girls together. They are very sociable and chatter frequently. Guinea pigs are a prey animal so should be kept apart and safe from cats, dogs, and […]

Love Your Pet Day 20 February 2023

I am not a physically demonstrative person, definitely not a hugger. I would also never class myself as a dog person. But last year these two little guys came into our lives and might even have transformed me… Chas and Wurzel the cockapoos have brought such joy and craziness to our family! I have never […]