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Family matters: it’s the little things

If there is one thing I instil in my children, I hope it is the value of family. To me, family is EVERYTHING!

Obviously there are the big things (starting school, days out etc) but it is usually the little everyday things that show love, mean the most and make memories that last a lifetime.
Going back through the generations, I remember the joy and pride my great grandmother felt at showing off me and my sister at her care home. Then moving to my own grandparents, my grandad announced to random people in the supermarket that he was going to be a great grandfather.

Matthew and Anya would have had a shaky start in life if it hadn’t been for the love and support of my parents. They were there for them (and me) the whole time and I will never be able to thank them enough for their generosity and compassion. But being a parent myself, I know that I would do anything for my kids and can’t wait for the next generation to arrive!




I’d also like to shout out to my sister. Yes, she drives me crazy at times but our happy memories and experiences are something that I would like my children, niece and nephew to share together.

On to hubby… Chris always believes in me and I nag him to believe in himself! I am so proud of him for his guitar passion, the exemplary way he has become a dad, and the way he works so hard.

My kids. Where to start?! They are all incredibly clever and I am exceptionally proud of them all. I try not to have expectations or compare them, they are all SOOOOO different! They make me laugh, make me cry, are responsible for my greying hair, wrinkles and worry lines. But being a mum is the best job in the world!

Finally the pets! No family is complete (in my opinion) without pets! When I was 9, I swore I would run away from home if my parents got cats. I didn’t! I was terrified of Tim and Tabby for a few weeks then Tim sat on the back of the sofa and licked my hair. One thing I was sure of was that I’d never go near a dog. I nearly didn’t meet Chris through the dating website as he liked dogs. Skip ahead to me becoming devoted to Ollie and our newest pups Chas and Wurzel!


There is so much love in the world and I believe it comes from the joy of our families!

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