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#Project365 2023 week 38

Day 260: a week of rain ahead so tried to give the rabbits and guinea pigs as much time outside as possible while the sun shone Day 261: another birthday shopping trip for Anya Day 262: 11, how is my baby so grown up?! She got her own mobile phone and we’ve barely seen her […]

#Project365 2023 week 37

Day 253: seriously fed up with this heatwave. So uncomfortable, day and night. Come on autumn, where are you?! Day 254: Anya enjoyed a pre-birthday shopping trip with her friends. Day 255: finally a pic of all three kids together in their uniforms! Day 256: balancing the disappointing flavour and texture of vegan cheese with […]

#Project365 2023 week 36

Day 246: finally the tooth has gone! Day 247: hurrah, next race completed and medal due to arrive soon! Day 248: first day of school for Matt while the others has an inset day. I quickly wrote a letter complaining about the enforcement of wearing blazers in 30 degree heat so the school swiftly backtracked… […]

#Project365 2023 week 35

Day 239: all 7 guinea pigs in one pic (sorry the pointers are so small) Day 240: happy birthday Grandma and happy trip to the beach! Day 241: finally our anniversary shed was constructed! Sadly I couldn’t help as I had one of my infamous 24 hour colds 🙁 Day 242: completely better apart from […]

Holiday 2023 day 8: Boscobel House

We left the cottage early and reunited with Chas and Wurzel within the hour. I’m not sure who was more delighted to see the other! We headed back into England (past a rather nasty road accident) and drove to Boscobel House near Stafford. Boscobel House is an Englsih Heritage property and important for British history […]