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Home learning week 9

9 weeks at home. 45 energetic and exhausting PE with Joe sessions complete (not including my extra ones at the weekends!). Sadly we have been stuck indoors due to my hayfever so our gorgeous river and meadow walks are no more 🙁 The amount of written work being completed has dropped to an all time […]

Home learning week 8

We are still ploughing on with our schedule to keep some semblance of normality, but the kids are increasingly disengaged with learning. I can understand that they are home with all their toys so learning is the last thing on their mind. Work for me has been reasonably busy this week following the government announcement […]

#Project366 2020 week 20

Day 131: Sunday afternoon spent in an epic battle of good versus evil with the latest season of SuperZings Day 132: thinking ahead to September and I decided to let Zach have the water bottle I bought him for school and he LOVES feeling grown up Day 133: not exactly school work, but enjoying time […]

#Project366 2020 week 19

Day 124: our first walk in ages and a very muddy one! All the trainers has to go in the wash afterwards! Day 125: starting the week with a home learning task that Matthew loved, and as soon as I read the email from the school, I knew he would design a dinosaur! Day 126: […]

#Project366 2020 week 18

Day 117: our daily walk was not as relaxing as this photo shows as Zach fell over within the first 5 minutes and screamed for about half an hour. Here he is calm and clutching a buttercup. We also saw a fox in a field on our trek Day 118: vegan coffee cake, super yum! […]