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#Project52 2024 week 11

A bit of an emotional week. Anya has been tired after her residential trip and it has made her think about growing up and leaving home (not yet, love!). It was the final Beavers’ mum cook out and Zach only has 2 week left until he moves up to Cubs. Beavers has been fab for […]

#Project52 2024 week 10

I’ve been grateful for a busy week of work as it has stopped me missing my little-but-oh-so-grown-up Anya! She had a great but rather damp week away on a residential trip. Anya came home and Chris went away to a guitar show. Sadly the electrics in the kitchen went kaput leaving me with no washing […]

Family matters: it’s the little things

If there is one thing I instil in my children, I hope it is the value of family. To me, family is EVERYTHING! Obviously there are the big things (starting school, days out etc) but it is usually the little everyday things that show love, mean the most and make memories that last a lifetime. […]

#Project52 2024 week 5

January is finally over! It really did seem to last forever! But now just a week left until half term and the days are getting longer: it really does lift the mood for everyone. So this week has been a busy one with lots of exam invigilation, governors’ meetings and helping Toffee recover from her […]

#Project365 2023 week 52+

Day 359: the kids and Chris went to see his mum but I stayed home with the dogs and got all the wrapping done (early for us!) Day 360: Christmas Eve babies! well done Caramel, they are gorgeous! Day 361: patiently waiting to open their stockings… Day 362: Matthew ‘eating’ crackers Day 363: time to […]