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Goodbye 2020 and good riddance!

Misleading blog post title as I have actually enjoyed this year! I feel luckier than most and am grateful for the health and happiness of my friends and family. The year started off without a hint of the chaos that was to follow. I began two temporary jobs at two schools I already worked at […]

Should schools reopen in January 2021?

Should schools reopen in January? This question was asked in a local group and is one that the nation is eagerly awaiting the answer to! In light of the new variant, the Christmas mixing of households, our struggling NHS, is it ethical to open schools?   Is it ethical to keep them closed when our children […]

#Project366 2020 week 52

Day 355: oh yes, we are still completing Joe Wicks workouts! Day 356: our local river is the boundary between counties: we are in tier 2 but the other side is tier 4 so we can’t walk there! Day 357: finally got around to opening my presents from work. Felt very emotional and overwhelmed Day […]

The Perfect Life, by Susanna Beard

A lottery win is most people’s dream come true. But for Heather and her family it becomes a nightmare… TRIGGER WARNING: This book contains references to bulimia The Perfect Life sees Heather spontaneously buy a lottery ticket having never bought one before, and she wins £29 million! However, the pressure of keeping it a secret […]