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The Secrets of Crestwell Hall, by Alexandra Walsh

1605, Bess discovers a shocking plot to kill the king but can she stop it? Present day, Isabella retreats to Crestwall Hall when her marriage ends. She finds a commonality with a woman from 4 centuries ago… The Secrets of Crestwell Hall is a dual timeline historical novel set in England. The Gunpowder Plot provides […]

Face Her Fear, by Lisa Regan

TRIGGER WARNING: fertility issues, references to trauma Detective Josie Quinn has gone to a retreat to try to retune her body and brain. But she struggles to prevent her detective side coming to the fore, and has no choice but to lead an investigation when one of the other attendees is found dead in the […]

Spanish House Secrets, by Susan Gray

TRIGGER WARNING: sexual abuse, rape, adoption 1920s Loftam, England. Simon finds out the truth about his parents when he receives a huge inheritance from his biological mother. He travels to Spain to sort out his new business affairs and falls in love with Elise. But he already has a sweetheart back home… Spanish House Secrets […]

#Project52 2024 week 4

The end of an era. No, not January, which is still going on! I have had both of these cups for about 30 years, using them almost everyday. Is it just me or do hot drinks taste a particular way in a special cup? These cups aren’t special in themselves but I have used them […]

The Party Crasher, by Sophie Kinsella (audiobook read by Fiona Hardingham)

I LOVE Sophie Kinsella but this is the first time I have tried her audiobooks… brilliant! Effie’s parents suddenly split up and her dad decides to sell the family home to move abroad with his new love Krista. Effie has a fraught relationship with her dad and Krista, so she is not invited when they […]