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#MySundayPhoto 30th July

School ends, summer begins, big changes for Matthew and Anya is September. Hope you have all had a fun week!

Holiday packing!

Planning ahead, yay! Trying to make sure we don’t forget anything, let me know if you think of any essentials I’ve missed! Clothes for all of us and bag for dirty washing Medicines and first aid Toiletries and suncream Cot, bedding and musical sea horse for Zach Snacks and food for travel/first day Gro clock […]

How to stop your teen from smoking

As I have said before, I hate smoking and cannot understand why anyone would choose to start. But they do 🙁 and I’m scared that my children will face peer pressure to start when they get older. Some of my own school class mates smoked by the age of 13 and as I now work […]

Aldi’s summer fun on sale now!

Yesterday morning I had my delivery from Aldi of the order I placed last week. I love Aldi special buys and always check on a Thursday morning to see what the latest offers are. It is so easy to get bulky items delivered to your door for free! So today is the first day of […]

School’s out for summer!

School’s over for another year! Hurrah! And with the end of term, Matthew said goodbye to infant school and Anya bade farewell to preschool 🙁 I think I was more emotional than they were! Of course it helps that Anya will be starting at the infants in September and Zach will start preschool next year […]