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Pass the Pigs: Christmas fun and competition!

Christmas is just around the corner and I’m thinking ahead to ways to survive the Christmas holidays! One game that will keep us all entertained is Pass the Pigs which I first saw at #BlogOnXmas. Warning: there are pig puns ahead… Pass the Pigs for Xmas! You’ll be snorting with laughter if you play with […]

Christmas at the Lexicon, Bracknell

Back in September I was invited to the launch of the Lexicon in Bracknell and had a wonderful time, not least because it was fab to have a local blogging event but also because the Lexicon is a fantastic development. I have since been with the rest of my family to take advantage of the […]

Aldi BB Cream and lip gloss

After the success of the Lacura skincare, I decided to try out make up from Aldi’s special buy as well. The BB cream comes in Light and Medium so I went for the light version. There were 3 shades of lip gloss to choose from. I chose nude but it was actually more of a […]

100 truths

Deborah at My Random Musings recently came up with 100 questions so here are my answers! The Basics 1 What’s your name? Laura 2 Any nicknames or aliases? Loop, Mum or Mummy (in a variety of disgruntled tones) 3 Your gender? Female 4 Your star sign? Gemini 5 How old are you? 36 6 Your […]

#MySundayPhoto well done Matthew!

Matthew’s teacher chose him to receive a certificate in this week’s celebration assembly for ‘striving to do his best at all times’. The letter was sent home a week ago and it instructed me not to tell Matt that he had been chosen and to attend the assembly secretly. I told him I was working […]