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Aldi BB Cream and lip gloss

After the success of the Lacura skincare, I decided to try out make up from Aldi’s special buy as well.
The BB cream comes in Light and Medium so I went for the light version. There were 3 shades of lip gloss to choose from. I chose nude but it was actually more of a brick red. I wish I had gone for one of the warmer berry tones but I like this one well enough.
Apologies for the slightly odd expression/intense stare, it was only after I’d taken the pics that I realised I didn’t have my glasses on (everything was a little blurred!)
So what are they like?
Well the BB cream is excellent. It really smooths away imperfections and makes my skin look better and more even (I hope!)
The lip gloss takes more getting used to as I usually use lipstick not gloss. My lips feel quite sticky and I am more worried than usual about it smearing. However, it hasn’t! Plus the colour lasts all day and it is so easy to apply.
More please, Aldi! Looking out for the next time make up is on special buy…
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