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Wedding Wednesday: make-up and skin care

Brides always look radiant but I have noticed a trend towards the ‘Instaface’ involving contouring, highlighting and, without being mean, looking not much like yourself. I was determined to look like Laura. The person that Chris fell in love with and wakes up next to each day. Since getting back from holiday, I have been […]

#MySundayPhoto time for a makeover!

  Not been feeling my best so Anya decided to cheer me up with a makeover (inspired by Shimmer and Shine in case you can’t tell…!). Green eyeshadow up the nostrils is so en vogue, isn’t it?  

This year’s advent calendars, is 8 too many…?

Actually I miscounted: it is 7 toy ones, a cosmetic one and 5 chocolate ones! We opened the toy and make up ones in November to countdown to advent (kind of makes sense 🙂 ) and then started the chocolate ones last night. I think the kids were more excited by the chocolate! Below is […]

Aldi BB Cream and lip gloss

After the success of the Lacura skincare, I decided to try out make up from Aldi’s special buy as well. The BB cream comes in Light and Medium so I went for the light version. There were 3 shades of lip gloss to choose from. I chose nude but it was actually more of a […]

Make up (Vlogtober day 16)

I love make up but very rarely wear it these days 🙁 10 years ago I wouldn’t have left the house without eyeliner, foundation, powder and lippy, how things have changed!