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Easter fun with Yolkies

Toy surprises, edible slime, could anything be more perfect for kids? Add in Easter and the current lockdown… introducing Yolkies from Bandai! I was absolutely thrilled to receive this Easter hamper including chocolate treats, an Easter bonnet and Yolkies! Plus the wicker hamper is AMAZING! The toy characters are cute, food themed and there are […]

The Break Up, by Tilly Tennant

Lara is crushed when her relationship ends in the worst way: he cheats on her with her best friend. When she returns home, she finds a cat on her doorstep and pours all her love into Fluffy. She rebuilds her life and starts a wedding coordinator business. But she discovers that Fluffy has divided loyalties […]

#GlobalBlogging 156

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to #GlobalBlogging! Week one at home has been successfully completed. I hope you are all keeping well wherever you are in the world. Please encourage your friends to join us by sharing on social media (or send them a DM and insist)! Linkies are a great way to discover new […]

White chocolate rice krispie cakes

I have been trying to use up any open or nearly out of date food whilst also keep the kids entertained while they are home learning. Time for a tasty treat (gluten free and vegetarian, NOT vegan) Ingredients 200g white chocolate 75g rice krispies 1 tablespoon golden syrup Carefully place 12 cake cakes in a […]

#Project366 2020 week 13

Day 82: a very strange Mother’s Day. We dropped a present and card off in my parents’ porch then retreated down the drive. Then they opened the front door to get them and we had a quick chat through the porch glass and across the distance of the driveway. Day 83: first day of home […]