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#StayClassyMama 16

Hello and welcome to the #StayClassyMama linky. Well, 2019 seems well under way! I feel even busier than usual! How about you? Please have a read of the rules and make sure you have my badge on your post or page! Let your blogging friends know about the link up and encourage them to join […]

The Second Wife by Sheryl Browne

Rebecca’s best friend Nicole tragically dies but she is not convinced that it was as straightforward as an accident or suicide. Was her seemingly perfect husband Richard to blame in some way? Rebecca fights her emotions to become Richard’s┬álover and the line between her investigation into Nicole’s death and her own love life become blurred. […]

Diary of a vegan day 21-25

Veganism really does seem to be coming naturally to me now! I’ve been trying out new bakes so have more snacking opportunities, yay! I got my curry fix on day 21 with bombay potato. So many supermarkets have vegan side dishes available but the cooking of the potato can be a bit hit and miss […]

Unraveling the Truth About Love by Addison Cole

The problem with Addison’s books is that every time I read one it becomes my new favourite! I really loved this latest installment in the Braden brothers series. Josh is a successful fashion designer in New York. In the last book, he was re-introduced to childhood crush Riley, who also love clothes design. He invites […]

#GlobalBlogging 96

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to Global Blogging! Wherever you are in the world, come and join me and Heather at Shank You Very Much! You can link up any 2 posts then please comment on both host posts and the one in front of yours. Please encourage your friends to join us by sharing […]