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How to help your Year 6 with the transition to secondary school

Well, we’re about to enter the final week of the Spring Term so the countdown has really started! I can’t believe we are almost two thirds of the way through the school year, but we are!   So we have one term left to prepare our big littleones for secondary school… Anya is lucky in […]

What are Year 9 Options and why are they important?

Somehow my eldest little baby is the glorious age of 13 and choosing his Year 9 Options. It is quite a big deal and could, quite literally, affect the rest of his life! So what are Year 9 options? Simply the GCSE choices that will be studied in Years 10 and 11, and form the […]

Is my child well enough for school?

With Ofsted making a major push on attendance, the NHS is offering guidance for when children should be sent to school. Obviously there have been lots of fears about Covid in recent years and I think parents are more concerned about sending kids in when they feel under the weather. It is a really difficult […]

Happy 20th birthday CBeebies!

CBeebies celebrates its 20th birthday on 11th February and I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the wonderful presenters and actors, animators and voice artists who have contributed. I was a latecomer to CBeebies, in fact waiting a whole year before letting Matthew watch any children’s TV. But on a holiday on […]

5 reasons why…my kids drive me crazy!

The title is a LIE! There is only one reason why my kids drive me crazy: their inconsistency! 😀 Food They eat it from my plate. They state that is definitely what they want for lunch/tea. I serve it to them and they act as though I’m trying to poison them! Clothes Anya wears t […]