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How to help your Year 6 with the transition to secondary school

Well, we’re about to enter the final week of the Spring Term so the countdown has really started! I can’t believe we are almost two thirds of the way through the school year, but we are!


So we have one term left to prepare our big littleones for secondary school…
Anya is lucky in that she has an older brother at the school so she is familiar with the uniform and general expectations but it is still a big deal!

Plan and practice the route to school. Our journey is easy to walk in half an hour and I’m hoping Anya can find a group of friends to meet up with so she isn’t walking alone.
Mobile phone: Anya received one for her 11th birthday and we can track it if needed. It adds peace of mind for the walk to school but also fears about being robbed! Make sure you and your child know the school rules on mobile phones.

Say goodbye: not all of the year group will go to the same secondary so there are children that they have spent the last 7 years with but they are now going their separate ways. Friendship groups will need to be renegotiated with the added fun of pre teen hormonal angst!
Oldest to youngest. It can be a bit of a culture shock for the Year 6s to go from top of the school to the bottom again. The Year 11s will look massive and scary, but they are usually ok 🙂
I expect there will be lots of tears over the next few months. For me and Anya! There are SATs coming up plus the move to secondary, hormones are starting to rev up and we are both preparing for a shift into growing independence. Good luck to all the other Year 6s and their parents!

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