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Birthdays! (Wednesday 31st May)

It has been a busy couple of days with first Matthew’s birthday and then mine! My oldest baby is 7. How did that happen?! 7 whole years have passed since I first held that tiny (8lb 5oz! bad memory is a wonderful thing…) baby and became a mum. 7 years of watching him become a […]

Amy’s Kitchen Cheese Pizza

I am so sorry Amy’s Kitchen. I love some of your products so much (particularly your burrito!). I love your ethos, the story behind your food. But this pizza tasted seriously unpleasant 🙁 I bought this from Ocado for £3.20 for 170g (usual price £4). It is the smallest of the pizzas I have tried […]

The end of an era

This week I have been struggling. Poor Chris has had to deal with a lot of crying. This post is really for him, I’m trying to share with him my thoughts and feelings but maybe some of you will recognise yourselves or have some advice. Two months ago I stopped breastfeeding Zach during the day […]

#MySundayPhoto and a little video too! Sunday 28th May

Friday was glorious. The sun was shining and the children broke up for half term. Seeing them laugh and play together reminded me of all the good in the world, especially in light of the terrible events this week in Manchester. I have been holding my children a little closer this week and trying to […]

Marie Curie’s Blooming Great Tea Party

I usually turn up to support events for charities and make my donations in the hope that my small contribution can help other people. Today I’ve upped the ante. I have decided to host a tea party. Not the easiest thing for a shy person to do so I have teamed up with my daughter’s […]