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Amy’s Kitchen Cheese Pizza

I am so sorry Amy’s Kitchen. I love some of your products so much (particularly your burrito!). I love your ethos, the story behind your food.
But this pizza tasted seriously unpleasant 🙁
I bought this from Ocado for £3.20 for 170g (usual price £4). It is the smallest of the pizzas I have tried (see here for the others I have tasted) so I was slightly disappointed when it arrived as I have a big appetite!
The taste however, was not nice. I did force myself to eat it all as I hate wasting food and money. I couldn’t distinguish the topping flavours at all, the base was so overwhelming in an awful way 🙁 The cheese wasn’t particularly tangy or stringy or anything. The tomato sauce had no flavour or oomph.
The only positive is that it has been approved by the Vegetarian Society.
So, Amy’s Kitchen, I’m really sorry but this wasn’t for me and I certainly won’t be buying it again. I feel terrible for writing this post but I have vowed to be honest in my reviews and lying by omission would be almost as bad as an outright lie 🙁


  1. Oh my that’s not good at all. So sorry it wasn’t tasty. I would have forced myself to eat it as well though as I hate food waste and wasting money. Hopefully they’ll look into it and maybe change some of the ingredients?

  2. Ohhhh, I had high hopes when I saw the pics of it cooked-it didn’t look too bad! But I’ve had those sorts of pizzas without flavour, and they’re not nice!

  3. There are so many great GF products outs there now that show GF food doesn’t have to be flavourless or taste of cardboard. And yet, some companies still get it so wrong. Such a shame. There’s nothing worse than bad pizza when you’ve been looking forward to it.

  4. nothing worse than a bad pizza! especially a little one haha! it’s a shame because as a brand they generally do great food, it’s a shame this one missed the mark. Well done for being honest though! I hate dishonest reviews

  5. Yikes, this sounds awful!
    You really can’t really in wrong with pizza, but it sounds kits on was awful!!
    I think you should do the review even if you don’t like it – best to be honest is my view!!

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