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Enjoying the vegan and gluten free options at Pizza Express

Over the last couple of months I have indulged my passion for pizza with several trips to Pizza Express in Camberley. Their online menu is very easy to navigate and has allergen filters and information which is simple to use. In the restaurant there is a sepatate vegan menu and an allergen document to ensure […]

Amy’s Kitchen Cheese Pizza

I am so sorry Amy’s Kitchen. I love some of your products so much (particularly your burrito!). I love your ethos, the story behind your food. But this pizza tasted seriously unpleasant 🙁 I bought this from Ocado for £3.20 for 170g (usual price £4). It is the smallest of the pizzas I have tried […]

Sainsbury’s Free From Vegetable Pizza

I have finally managed to track down this pizza! It has always been out of stock in my local store, but now I’ve had one! I have kept this separate to my other post about pizza as they are all margherita plain cheese and tomato whereas this is covered in veg! Overall I really enjoyed […]

For Chris: the definitive guide to my pizzas

I have been taste testing wheat free pizzas and each time Chris asks me for my opinion and then desperately tries to remember what I told him so he knows which ones to look for at the supermarket. So really this is just for him but may help other people with dietary issues as well. […]

So…what do I want for Mother’s Day?

Big question. Let’s DITCH Mother’s Day isn’t going to happen. So, what do I want for Mother’s Day this year? A lie in with my book and cup of tea Pizza A nap Peace and harmony, instructions followed first time or even no prompting required Diamond earrings Reality of my list: I feel terribly guilty […]