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#OOTD (outfit of the day) Friday 26th May

I’ll admit straight away that this is a joke-y post. I have seen some fantastic outfits of the day over the last few months and am truly jealous of how effortlessly stylish other women are. (I am making fun of myself not the wonderful posts I have seen from other bloggers!) So, this is my […]

Slummy mummies and #solidaritea

Am I one of the slummy mummy brigade? Do I suffer from a ‘kind of dimwit narcissism’? The same day that this Daily Mail article was met with justifiable outrage by mums, bloggers and any right thinking people (biased, moi?!), I published my video post about a day in my life. It wasn’t an intentional […]

Jonathan Aston tights, OMG fab-u-lous!

My current experience of tights is the woolly variety that Anya wears all winter. The ones that lose their elastic and the crotch is down to her knees. My own last wearing of tights was probably at school, so it was fitting that I chose to use my 20 year (eeeeek!) school reunion to test […]

Yay! Matthew gets his Beavers cycling badge!

Matthew proudly came out of school on Friday with the class bear. I was less thrilled. we always seem to get it when we have NOTHING planned… Phew! Monday night is Beavers night and luckily they were completing their cycling badges: something to write about! We panicked a few weeks ago when the schedule was […]

Why I tell my children the world is a good place

This morning I sat down with my children and told them about the events in Manchester. It is becoming too regular an occurrence (just two months ago in London 🙁 ) but the message I give my children each and every time is that the world is a good place, full of good people. I […]