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#OOTD (outfit of the day) Friday 26th May

I’ll admit straight away that this is a joke-y post. I have seen some fantastic outfits of the day over the last few months and am truly jealous of how effortlessly stylish other women are. (I am making fun of myself not the wonderful posts I have seen from other bloggers!)
So, this is my outfit of the day:

My t shirt is from Sainsbury’s TU range. It is older than Matthew, possibly about 10 years old.
My skirt is also as old. It is from Dorothy Perkins originally but I bought it second hand from a charity shop.
My footwear is children’s ballerina shoes from Asda’s George. They have been worn to death (almost) but are only 1-2 years old. They are comfy for invigilating exams or short walks. They are glittery but they look a bit sorry for themselves after a very muddy wet walk one time 🙁
Underwear (which I’m sure you need to know about) is also from before the kids.
Today I also forgot to put on makeup: for the last week I have been using BB cream every day after watching Motherhood The Real Deal’s video and being inspired to make more effort but at speed! I’m on the look out for primer after her recommendation but not got around to buying one yet. The BB cream idea is brilliant though and really wakes up my face! I look like me but a bit better 🙂
I love summer and being able to wear skirts and dresses (especially now my kids have sorted out my leg hair-see here for the photographic evidence!). How about you?


  1. Couple of thing to point out:
    I think you look lovely without makeup!
    That color blue looks fantastic on you!
    And there’s no way I could wear a skirt (even though that one is cute) because I don’t have time to shave my legs anymore!!!


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