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Wedding Wednesday: beyond the veil

Since the royal wedding I have had to research wedding veils as Anya was devastated when she found out I wouldn’t have one. Cue frantic searching for something that will fit in with our low-key wedding but also be flash enough to impress a 5 year old.

Most are one of two layers or tiers. Two layer ones usually have a shorter layer which covers the face and then is pulled back to reveal the bride’s face to her groom. This reveal represents that the couple will later be uncovering more than just their faces, ahem…
Length-wise, the shorter ones are elbow and fingertip, the clue is in the name! Longer ones are floor length or chapel/church and the huge ones are cathedral.
Why do Western brides use veils on their wedding day?
Apparently it dates back to when brides used to have their head uncovered and their hair flowing down their backs to symbolise purity and virginity.
Veils also have an association with death (remember Harry Potter when Sirius goes through the veil?!) and brides are traditionally saying goodbye to their old lives and starting a new one (with a new name and everything: Mrs…!)
I think I will wear a longer length veil to keep Anya happy but maybe not keep it on for very long! Hopefully that will negate her requests for a horse-drawn carriage ride…


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