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#Project 52 2024 week 18

I have been working like crazy this week so treated my parents and me to a pub lunch on Friday to relax. Zach has started Cubs and LOVED it! So I guess I need to head out and buy the uniform… Anya has taken part in Bikeability at school. Thursday was disco night at the junior school. I was running the parent cafe as part of my role on the PTA, while the kids were ready to PARTAAAAY!
The highlight of the week was birthdays. My baby sister is 40! And Chas and Wurzel are 2!
Ahhhh the weekend at last. The kids kept asking for a plan but I just wanted to chill! Happiness is a cheese and tomato toastie, a taste from my childhood (but now vegan and gluten free obviously 🙂 )

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