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Archive for August 2020

Summer at Hope Haven, by Kristin Harper

    Emily is grieving for her family who died in a helicopter crash. Struggling with the overwhelming loss, she pushed away her fiance who then jilted her. She has arrived at Hope Haven to heal her heart and soul at the family summer home. Love isn’t on her mind but she feels an attraction […]

Couch to 5k week 5

Why not catch up on the start of my Couch to 5k journey: week one, two, three, four. The quantity of running on week 5 goes up significantly compared to week 4 so I decided before the first run that I would do each run twice, taking a fortnight to complete this stage of the […]

The Wife’s House, by Arianne Richmonde

  A lonely widow, struggling with her grief, receives odd messages and gifts plus she worries that someone is using a drone to spy on her. Vulnerable, she seizes on a friendship with triplets in their late teens as surrogate children but soon suspects they have an ulterior motive for their kindness… The Wife’s House […]

Cutetitos: who will you unwrap?

Super cute, sweet smelling and very cuddly: the Cutetitos have arrived! Anya has not stopped cuddling her three Cutetitos! They have been in bed with her each night. We can smell her coming now as the fruity smell enters the room before she does. The wraps are so soft and my mum said they felt […]

The Last Charm, by Ella Allbright

The Last Charm begins with Leila writing an email. She has lost her charm bracelet and wants to prove ownership to the woman who has found it. We are then taken back in time to see how Leila and Jake’s life and love story emerged… Simply beautiful. I suppose you need more detail than that! […]