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#Project365 week 6

Day 34: we really loved our snowy walk to the river. Love this pic of Zach trailing after the others

Day 35: I know I am incredibly biased but my child is a genius! Two years old, knows letters and phonics, can count to over 100 and write his numbers (yes, I know the 9 is the wrong way round…)

Day 36: stonkingly good homemade risotto! Absolutely delicious: check out the recipe here

Day 37: I’ve been thinking about getting rid of the pushchair and making Zach walk everywhere. The problem is that he takes FOREVER to walk as EVERYTHING is fascinating…

Day 38: so much plastic packaging! At least the kids had lots of fun bursting it!

Day 39: feeling very decadent, a vegan puttanesca pizza from Pizza Express, lunch out with a friend. Zach screamed his head off for 40 minutes ๐Ÿ™

Day 40: a blogger event at Gloucester Cathedral. The kids had a wonderful time exploring

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  1. Wow he really is a genius! I was impressed that Kipper could count to 20 lol!! We are also thinking about ditching the buggy but have decided to get a super light weight one instead as heโ€™s srill not great at walking long distances. The blogger event sounds very cool! Xx

  2. Beautiful snowy scene. It didn’t last long here, to my son’s disappointment.
    The pushchair has its uses, it’s so much more convenient to go shopping, and also for when little people are too tired to walk home.
    We went to the Pizza Express just a couple of days ago, we had vegetarian pizzas.

  3. Ziggy amazes me, she is very intelligent for being 2 as well, she can count and knows her colours and shapes, her vocabulary is amazing but she does not write yet, those numbers are amazing.
    Great snowy pic and that is a lot of snow.
    Love that picture in the cathedral.

  4. If you want to encourage your two year old’s number skills, introduce concept, as in each number has a value, get him to count out blocks to match the numbers and try asking him if he recognises the numbers out of sequence. Sorry school teacher here, can’t help myself lol

  5. Wow the walk to the river is so beautiful. Your kid at the age of 2 knows a lot! Even my daughter does the same while walking so it hurts my back a lot else we end up carrying her!

  6. What a clever boy you have. He does sound like a genius even with the 9 the wrong way around.
    Your risotto looks so tasty!
    hahaha! I remember when I got rid of my youngest girls pushchair we used to have to leave at least half an hour early for anything! She used to take forever.

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